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About Me

My name is Hernán Jara Droguett, and I'm the founder of FullCicleTranslation. A native of Chile, I came to the US in 2001 and studied translation at Brigham Young University (where I also took a bunch of classes in Italian and geography). Further translation studies took me to Kent State University in Ohio, where I was given the opportunity to teach Spanish at both KSU and the University of Akron. Teaching would become my main focus and passion for 13 years, doing freelance translation during school breaks and summers. Marriage and more studying landed me in Washington DC, where I completed a second master's degree at Catholic University, this time in Latin American literature. At CU I met some of the nicest students anywhere, and truly enjoyed the vibrant DC culture.


In 2016, I was offered a translation position with Lidl US. Although initially, I had a hard time adjusting to the 9-5 schedule (nothing beats college teaching in that regard) I learned tons about the corporate world, German culture, and international teams. While I'd translate product descriptions for fishing gear and German toys during the day, I would also teach Spanish courses at American University at night (including translation!). New employment opportunities would take me to Tennessee (not before a short stint in beautiful Texas!), where I've been happily working from home since way before the pandemic. And more importantly, I'm livin’ the dream with my beautiful Ericka and my loquitos Antonio & Elena!

PS: I love this photo. It reminds me of my childhood in Chile and my love for fútbol!

Phil Peña

TI Verbatim Consulting

"Hernán continues to provide freelance translating services for TI Verbatim Consulting since January 2020. Hernán is one 'go to' Spanish translator that TI Verbatim depends on. TI Verbatim provides translation services to various Federal agencies, including TSA, FDIC, HHS, NIDA, as well as supporting commercial customers such as Dominion Energy. Since being employed with TI Verbatim, Hernán has completed large translation documents exceeding 50K words, utilizing various DTP tools, as well as several short turnaround projects. Hernán's work is excellent, he is responsive, readily available, and has always met his delivery schedules. TI Verbatim is glad to have Hernán on their team."
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